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Over 45 and looking for a job?

By , November 16, 2010

Field tested advice, links to blogs and room for your comments.

So called, older workers, visit a different playing field from those younger in their careers. Ageism is alive and well and while we can rail against those companies who overlook the older candidate, it doesn’t get you that job. My friend Phil is 65+ and was just courted for and accepted a job as CEO of a young company. He has been between jobs only once in the last 20 years and that lasted only a few  months. Why? Because people are aware of his accomplishments. And that is not a trivial thing, it is the crux of what makes for a solid career, regardless of age.

Visit my links to advice that is field tested to lessen the impact of ageism:

PBS interview on combatting ageism. Move the slider to the midpoint to hear my contribution if you go to the site. Participate in the online forum for comments and q/a.  For the whole cast including a legal professional’s take on ageism and my remarks on combatting ageism, Listen here.

Podcast on the ‘grey ceiling’ with ideas and insights to help avoid the hazards.

Solutions to Ageism
Employers Point of view on Ageism
Overqualified? I just want a job.
What keeps you from getting hired? Ageism or attitude?
Overcome the overqualified label.
Grey Ceiling and baby boomers-an interview with Rita Ashley on Total Picture Radio
More on Ageism hampering your career
Boomer Radio on job search for the over 50 job seeker.

A large part of managing your career is managing your personal brand.

Your Personal Brand – What is it?
Personal Brand – Step one in a digital job search
Brand yourself – a perfect example
Personal Branding – Seven steps for job seekers
Branding, smranding, just tell me what to do

When you run across other resources, send them to me through the comments section and I will post.

Value older workers because:

1. They have seen more solutions to problems than those younger in their career. When a crisis hits, you want someone in charge who has seen it before and can keep a level head.

2. As Richard M. VP of New Products says, “They really value my experience and the professional network I bring to the role. I’ve got 5 colleagues in my network working on this project who would never have been available without me being involved, so its working very well for both sides.

3. More on the older worker’s rolodex: Actually this is something that is a big plus with hiring more experienced people – they bring their rolex with them. “I am able to get answers to many questions through a quick email to someone I know who’s a real expert and then when we need it I can usually source a consultant or if we can hire, I know someone who might fit. This is a big plus for a growing company.”


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2 Responses to “Over 45 and looking for a job?”

  1. Rita Ashley says:

    Of course there is hope. Just set expectations that are realistic, make a plan and start executing. Your age is less important that the lack of job history for 12 years. Assess what skills you bring to the new employer and the best way to demonstrate (examples) you possess those skills. Best to you. Rita

  2. Vanita says:

    I am turning 45 this year and have been out work for almost last 12 years. I had to do this to take care of my son as my husband took a number of changes in his job. Now my son is finishing school and I want to work but no one is ready to look into my resume. I want to work for satisfaction of my heart and to sustain myself. Is there any hope for me.

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